Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We interrupt this tank top...

Just when the crochet trim and I had reached a state of détente…

I finished the neck and one arm and decided it might be prudent to actually try the tank on again to check my progress. There will be no photographic evidence of the results provided.

Now I would like to point out that I had indeed tried the tank on the previous evening, after finally managing to correctly sew it up but prior to applying the trim. I wasn’t sure I really liked how it looked on me but I wanted to get this project finished up so I decided to just forge ahead and believe that all would be resolved in the end (denial is a powerful coping tool).

Taking a more critical (and extensive) look at this in the daylight, it was clear that adjustments were needed in addition to the crochet trim if I was actually ever going to wear this tank. I don’t believe there is a PNW summer hot enough to compel me willing to expose as much underarm (and undergarment) as the tank was showing.

So. I will be taking out the crochet trim and then ripping back the top of the tank in order to reduce the armscye depth. After pinning up the tank to preview the results of the proposed alterations, I could also see an additional bonus to this decision. The now shortened tank is a bit more flattering. The ribbing pattern that cleverly enhances my rather modest bosom also accentuates some other areas that don’t really require that kind of assistance (namely the zone below my alleged waistline). The shorter length reduces the unwanted enhancement effect somewhat.

For the next project, maybe a shawl or something!

Toby Action Cam
This is not a picture of a small terrier being tormented despite what it looks like.

Solar-powered terrier action!

Mr. CPA is wearing the leather work gloves because Toby likes the rough stuff. With the gloves Toby can play as hard as he wants without hurting anyone (he loves these gloves and pulls them out of his toy basket to bring to Mr. CPA for playtime)

Mr. CPA has actually taught Toby to make a noise that sounds like 'wrestle'. It's hilarious.


Maia said...

Well, drat. I hate having to rework things when I really want to just be done. At least it will be a better result in the end.

I recognize that position (Toby). That is pure joy. Sophie used to wrestle like that with me. We played grab the footie too. I'd try to grab one of her feet and she would jump out of the way. She was such a smart girl.

Romi said...

Bummer. :( Good luck on the tank! I like shawls myself. They always fit! :)

Joanne said...

Well, sometimes ripping is worthwhile when you want something to fit, right? :) I'm sure you'll be gorgeous and the extra effort is worth it! This is when I say "I like to knit, I like to knit" as I reknit!

You know, Toby's glove fetish is a little quirky. It's not S&M or anything, but...funny! We play a lot here but if we humans are good, no one gets hurt.

vanessa said...

looks like toby is saying uncle!