Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

We're back home and trying to catch up on everything!

Thanks to a new motherboard the computer is now mostly healed. The motherboard managed to take a few files with it in the pre-vacation death spiral. I've repaired most of them but there are a few annoying issues remaining that I'm in the process of troubleshooting. The computer crash was a a real wakeup call to be more disciplined about my backups. I didn't have a recent one and since I depend on this computer to run my business I was a bit concerned thoroughout the vacation that I might have lost important files. I'll be developing a better backup strategy this week (hello external harddrive!).

I have, oh, about 1300 photos to sort through from the vacation. A majority of them are likely pretty representative of my rather marginal photography skills but there should be a couple worth sharing. I'm hoping to post some this weekend after I catch up on the orders that came in while I was gallivanting through Ireland.

Not much knitting was accomplished while I was away. Let's just say that the driving portion of the vacation was very much a two-person activity (more on this later)!

Being in Ireland was a completely wonderful experience and I really enjoyed it, but it's always good to come home isn't it?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Having a Great Time!!

Having a really great time! Had a completely lovely dinner with Jo last night - I can't remember when I've had a nicer time!

Mr. CPA is anxious to get going - the computer here at the internet cafe is very slow and at €5 per hour I can't take too long.

More later...

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Best Laid Plans...

The vacation is off to a rather unauspicious start I'm afraid. My computer has completely crashed as of about 11:00 pm (PDT) this evening. It looks like my webmail has gone bad too so I'm not sure what happened exactly. Talk about your bad timing!

Fortunately I had already printed most of what I needed off over the last couple of days, but there were a few things I think may be missing.

This unexpected development pushed the anxiety-meter over the top and I won't be sleeping before we head off to the airport in a few more hours.

I'll be back in about 2 weeks - or whenever I get my computer up and running.