Friday, April 6, 2007

Peeps for Passover

No, they're still not kosher for Passover.
Peeps illustrating the ten plagues of Exodus

ETA: I didn't create the peeps tableaus. I found the link via


Jacqui said...

truly truly totally awesome!!!

Danielle said...

I agree...You had me laughing out loud. (Not that plagues are funny, but those peeps sure were cute!) I've never had a good use for them, but you sure found a GREAT one!!!

Spinny Bunt said...

Ever see that Malcolm episode where the oldest brother declares he can eat 100 peeps in an hour and then he can't quite do it and his buddies declare that the peeps only have to be in him, they never said how or where?

Melanie said...

These totally appeal to my sick sense of humour. Lara - I like that one too.

Joanne said...

You know, I always thought peeps didn't attract me because they weren't K for P, but now? now I wonder. That was hilarious! Thanks for the fun!

Oh, and the haircut? For years, I travelled back to my hometown for a hair cut. Even when I lived 4 or more hours away... I finally found a good hairdresser here in KY, it's a miracle and...? she's named Joanne. Hah!