Sunday, April 8, 2007

An Unhappy Union

Is there a secret to combining crochet and knitting? Because this seems like a bad combination.
Also this yarn is a bit splitty so the crochet action is kind of slow going. After reworking the front edging several times, I've settled on an every other stitch spacing for the most part. Except for the areas where I have to randomly crochet into every stitch to make it look right.

the now 'un-mobiused' tank is subjected to it's crochet finish

Because of the way the neck decreases are done in the pattern, some sort of edging is definitely needed. I just am not sure the crochet really works here.
I suppose I'd better try it on before I finish the whole thing in order to make sure this non-flexible crochet edging is at the correct ridgidity gauge for the flexible ribbing of the tank.

Completely gratuitous terrier photo:

Toby enjoying the brief bit of sunshine we got this morning


Romi said...

The tank looks great! And the dog, what can I say?! Totally adorable.

Barb said...

Toby is so cute! What a lovable mug. Good luck on the sweater try on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's A-okay. I sure like the colors and texture you have going in it.

Melanie said...

That's a really pretty tank top - love the yarn and the colour is wonderful. Toby's a doll.

Cathy said...

Sounds like you are on track with the crocheted edging. I usually put a crocheted edging around knitted tops. It seems to keep the knit from sagging. I do it pretty much the way you describe.

Toby looks ready for attention.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

No pup picture is EVER gratuitous!

I have problems with edgings all the time. If I try to pick up knit stitches evenly, I get it too loose one side, too tight the other. If I do the same in crochet, ditto. The only thing that works for me now is an entirely separate edging, either knit or crochet, sewed on afterwards. Not ideal by any means, but at least I get it even! That tank top is worth taking trouble over, though - looks great.

Spinny Bunt said...

Crochet edgings, the Jean way (my adapatation): make swatch of crochet edging. Count stitches to cm. Have a drink. Measure distance around neckline and calculate amount of crochetted stitches that go into that distance. Have a drink. Compare to number knit stitches that could be picked up in that distance and do more math. Have a drink. Discover math is wrong due to alcohol haze. Drink more and stuff sweater into bag in back of closet.

Joanne said...

Maybe this is the wrong approach, but I find that once you sweat on your little summer tank a lot (oops, glow, of course) and spill on it once or twice, the detail on the crocheted edging isn't as upsetting. That usually takes me about a month after completion to completely forget...because by then, I've forgotten that I should be extra careful with the "new" knitted garment.. and not sweat. of course.

Toby is awesome.

Maia said...

I am blinded by Toby's cuteness! I want to kiss that sweet mug.

marti said...

toby is so cute! i also agree that crochet and knitting don't mix.

Angela said...

I love Toby. He doesn't even look spazzy there.

My answer?

Put on tank top, find good friend to crochet edging as you wear it ;)