Saturday, April 7, 2007

Negative progress

I have had Casa del Chaos all to myself today since Mr. CPA and the youngest manchild are up north attending an event at the boy’s college of choice (which I’ve been referring to as Empty Nest University).

I successfully darned a hole in a sweater (not hand knit) that has been awaiting my attention for, oh, about a year.

Next I started in on finishing a simple tank top that I started last spring.*

Look, one seam done!

Do you see the problem? How about here:

Yes, I’ve cleverly managed to make one half of a tank top moebius. ::sigh::

Normally I sew things up on the dining room table, which has plenty of room to spread out. Since no one was home to complain about me watching marathon home improvement programs, I decided to use the much less accommodating coffee table in the front room so I could watch HGTV while I worked. Evidently in squinching things together on the table I didn’t notice that I’d twisted the tank top and was sewing the left front to the right back.

**I really think I would have finished this last year but I ran out of yarn. I was waiting for my LYS to order more but it never arrived. Then summer ended. I finally ordered some yarn from another source but the incentive to finish a tank top in the dead of winter was somewhat lacking on my part.


Jacqui said...

oh Denise!

i dearly truly feel your pain. there is nothing quite so awful as ripping out piecing.

on the upside, you obviously have potential for a third career designing clothes for Star Wars characters...

Cathy said...

I like Jacqui's comment so well I am just going to nod my head.

vanessa said...

design element?