Friday, April 6, 2007

Not quite according to plan

The minutia of my day that will probably interest hardly anyone…

Scheduled plan for today:
9:50 am - Leave for 1+ hour trip to hair appointment 60 miles away.**
11:00 am - Arrive in town early for 11:30 appt with plenty of time to pickup a coffee and/or check out local shops
12:00 pm - Depart for home
1:00-ish pm (depending on traffic) - Arrive home, finish a few inside chores
1:30 pm - Go outside in glorious sunny weather and garden for the rest of the afternoon.

Actual Events:
10:30 am - Leave later than planned due to several unexpected phone calls.
11:30 am - Arrive just in time, having driven well above the posted speed limit in several places in attempt to control the time-space continuum.
12:50 pm - Leave salon
12:51 pm - Determine weird car noise is actually muffled cell phone tone harmonizing oddly with music from radio.
12:52 pm - Agree to meet oldest manchild 20 miles from current spot for emergency parental cash infusion.
1:10 pm - Stop at bank for cash
1:30-ish - -Curse Puyallup South Hill traffic after taking wrong turn, wonder aloud why anyone lives here, avoid near collision with traffic-deranged driver.
1:40 pm - Meet oldest child and deliver cash, chit chat, get iced coffee and large water for trip home since it is now quite warm outside.
2:00 pm - Depart and head for freeway. Note with concern the solid line of non-moving traffic that you must now merge with, wave gratefully to nice person that lets you into the nearest lane.
2:30 pm - Check odometer to see that less than 10 miles have been traveled and that you are nowhere near any freeway exit. Regret drinking that delicious iced mocha latte in the first few minutes of the journey home, sense that the remaining car time may be less than enjoyable.
4:00 pm - Arrive home. Decide garden will be fine until tomorrow.

**We moved to our current house almost 8 years ago and in that time I have tried repeatedly to find a local stylist that I like but these adventures in haircutting always turn out really badly (like the time I ended up with square hair), so I keep returning to my stylist in Enumclaw. It’s far enough away to be inconvenient but close enough that I’m not really forced to find someone new. On one hand Mr. CPA thinks it’s absolutely silly that I drive so far for a haircut. On the other hand he is happy not to be forced listen to me rant endlessly about my bad, bad hair, which is what always happens when I get it cut closer to home. Plus her rates are quite affordable so that the cut, tip and gas cost actually end up being less than getting it cut in the town where I live.


Jacqui said...

i have never had square hair but...

once, when i lived in Silicon Valley, the hairstylist misunderstood me* and, instead of cutting my hair in a pageboy ('all one length'), cut all the hairs on my head exactly the same length (4 inches). i looked like a Portugese Water dog.

i laughed so hard that i decided not to have it fixed. for weeks, every time i looked in the mirror, i would start giggling again. it was hideous. truly hideous.

way to hang in there, girl!

*it was apparently a language barrier issue.

Melanie said...

I swear I have a tattoo on my scalp where only haridressers can see it that says "butcher me". I need a blind haridresser. How's that for a scary thought?

vanessa said...

did you have to pee really really badly by the time you got home ?