Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Full Recovery

No, not me unfortunately, I’m still fighting the crummy virus*. The tank top, however, is finally finished and feeling fine.

After discovering that the tank's armholes were too long, I removed the crochet trim and ripped back the tank straps to a more suitable point and then did a three-needle bind-off for the shoulders:

step 1: k2tog from the front and back needles

step 2: lift first stitch on needle over new stitch
as per regular bind-off

finished seam

I re-applied the crochet trim at approximately one crochet stitch to every-other knit stitch around (except in a couple of random places where I had to change the ratio to get a better look).

The finished tank top:

A seasonally appropriate FO?
The start of new, improved knitting habits
or one of the sevens signs of the apocalypse?
You decide.

The tank looks a little crooked but it's really not, I just didn’t notice that it wasn't quite laid out properly until I looked at the finished picture while posting.

Project Details
Artful Yarns #92148
Yarn: Candy in Bubblegum (#9365) - I used one more ball than called for in the pattern
Difficulty: Super Easy

This brings me to a total of three finished projects since January which, according to the self-imposed rules of my ‘No Knitting Left Behind’ Project, entitles me to start a new project as a reward (now you know why I was so anxious to finish this project!).

*I cannot believe how much I’ve been sick this year – I really hope this is it for awhile. Fortunately this virus is not quite as bad as the really impressive January sickness so I am able to actually sit upright and (slowly) work on some knitting this time.


Jacqui said...

wow! that turned out beautiful! [definitely not suited to a George Lucas flick.] i can't wait to see what you start next. :)

sorry you still have the crud. i find sick goes in spates. i go years without catching anything and then blammo! a spate of blech.

on the bright side - perhaps this will protect you from international flight buggies that might interfere with your trip?

Joanne said...

Flowers, Bug puppies and a bunch of knitting posts? Wow! What good posts! Sorry to hear about the crud. I've had a terrible year of it, too, and finally, I hope, have gotten over it all. Just rest up, sleep a lot, take your vitamins and hope this is the end! Anyway, you'll have a lovely tank to wear when you're better!

marti said...

Oh, that tank is just wondeful! I hope that you are feeling better soon.

Romi said...

It looks great! I hope you feel better soon. :)

Melanie said...

Now that little top is just eye candy. It looks like one of those wear-with-everything pieces that you'll wear till it falls apart.

So, what is the reward knitting going to be?

vanessa said...

adorable! when do we get the modeled shot?

i can't believe you are sick again!!! you need a vacation in florida :-)

Maia said...

The tank looks great. I'm voting for new & improved knitting habits.

I hear ya on the never ending virus. I'm a month into my fun with phlegm (TMI?).

Jess said...

Perseverence AND beauty! It looks fabulous.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

You just need a change of air, pet, and THAT you are going to get, right? (Not that we were ever renowned for dry healthful sunshine here...)

Well done on frogging and refinishing. I have a top on which I hopelessly miscalculated; you have inspired me to go back and SORT it.

And I too want to know what this exciting new treat project is!

Joanne said...

Hey, thanks for all your nice comments on my blog! I do feel famous now that I've had my photo on Stephanie's blog...and the sweater -was- necessary in the morning. Just not by afternoon, when I was completely overheating...!