Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Return of the Yarn Mascot

Perhaps anyone but me could have seen this coming.

How could this:

Lovely singles

Turn into this?

Eeew! Unlovely yarn.

Definitely not the look I was going for. Yes, I knew it would barber-pole, but I didn’t anticipate the chartreuse totally dominating the plied yarn and changing the tones of the blue/green targhee so dramatically.

The chartreuse of the superwash, lovely on its own, turns into a sickly yellow when plied with the sweet grass targhee. The targhee plays its own part here with the blue, green, and purple taking on grim grey tones next to the now-yellow chartreuse. (ETA: the yarn actually looks better in this photograph than it does in person)

So, back to the drawing board, the yarn mascot will return to its place of honor at the wheel while it awaits a more suitable partner. I may just have to purchase something at Madrona after all.

Not too much knitting going on lately, but I did manage to finish a hat for a dear friend and co-worker undergoing chemo treatment.

Ribbed watch cap from Vogue Knitting Caps & Hats (pg. 75)
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in 'manly' green

I originally had selected a lovely denim blue for this hat but representative gender consultants indicated it not 'manly' enough. Who knew that simple yarn color had the power to bestow or remove masculinity? ::cough::

And here is the ‘after’ shot of my TNNA knitting:

Basic sock in Regia Bamboo (8 st/inch)
Exciting, I know but try to contain yourself...

When I flew in to San Diego on Friday before TNNA, I had just finished the ribbing. Sadly, considerable progress was made at the trade show Monday and I made it to just before the start of the heel flap (more experienced TNNA attendees did say it was much quieter than usual Sunday and Monday). The heel and gusset were completed at the airport and during the short flight to Seattle.

I’m planning to post again before I leave for Madrona on Wednesday evening. We’ll see how those good intentions play out!


marti said...

i hate it when things don't quite meet expectations. the hat is lovely.

Kerry said...

Try knitting it up - just as things not turning out how you'd expect when you spin them, sometimes the knitting can surprise you, too.

I talked to my LYS-owner and she said she bought a whole bunch of your cards, yay!!

See you FRIDAY!!!

Spinny Bunt said...

I agree with Kerry, try knitting it. You never know. Are you coming to dinner friday? Hope to see you at Madrona.

CarolineF said...

I think Kerry's advice is good. Make a hat. Unless it makes you queasy to even knit with it... you could give the hat to Dulaan. Usually at times like this I say, "Hey that is really nice anyway!" but chartreuse is SO not a color I can handle!

Angela said...

I think that a darker ply (while barber-poleish) would make your colours pop. A nice, darker silver grey? I noticed lots in your stash :)