Sunday, January 7, 2007

Butt-Kicking Virus: 1, Denise:0

You know how after you’ve been sick for awhile and then you start to feel better? How even though you’re not ‘all the way’ better you feel really GREAT just because of the comparative difference to how not great you were feeling just recently?

That was me Saturday. I woke up yesterday feeling terrific. Got up and puttered at some chores and went to the gym to work out like we do every Saturday (well, almost every Saturday – we’re not saints).

I had an excellent workout at the gym and did 4 miles on the treadmill plus nautilus. It felt like the upcoming week held some promise for making significant progress on this:
At some point in the afternoon I started feeling a bit tired but just attributed it to the workout. However, by about 5:00 pm it was becoming clear to me that there might be another reason because I suddenly felt like I’d been hit by a really big bus.

Somewhere around 8:00 pm, knitting on this:

ribbed diagonal multi-directional scarf

K1-P1 rib diagonal multi-directional scarf
Took come concentration. This pattern is not exactly the nuclear rocket brain surgery (to paraphrase Manolo). Definitely not a good sign.

This morning I’m running a fever and feel worse than I did last week.

Oh, and filed under “Things that would have been good to know yesterday
Mr. CPA told me this morning that per his doctor, breaking a sweat when you have a virus can cause the virus to rebound. Has anybody else heard that? Not that it helps now but it could be useful for future reference.

Any other time would be bad enough, but I have less than 5 days to shake this off because on Friday morning I fly out to San Diego for the TNNA Winter Trade Show . I have to spend weekend manning a booth and I absolutely, positively cannot not be sick for this.

I'm ready to consider almost anything. Please send me your best tips for treating a bad virus so I don't have to resort to wearing the onion necklace!


Jessica said...

Yeah that same bug kicked my ass too. I wish I could give you the miracle cure but it's just rest and stay well-hydrated. Feel better soon.

Sheepish Annie said...

1. Go to the doctor! If you have the flu, there is a window where you can take meds to shorten the sick time. And you can get fabulous drugs for the symptoms that are codeine-based which don't make you really feel any better but you sort of don't care anymore...

2. Sleep until Friday. Then sleep on the plane.

Good luck!!! I hope you feel better soon.

Kerry said...

Tea with honey and lemon, rent lots of movies, curl up on the couch till you feel better.

Cathy said...

I was told that sweating=virusrebounding by a RN about a decade ago. Of course, she didn't tell me til I returned to my death bed. Good luck recuperating - do what everyone else suggested.

Melanie said...

Gah! Stay home, drink lots of nice teas and maybe go for the Russian cold vodka cure instead of the onion necklace. I hope you're well very soon. The scarf is really neat.

vanessa said...

rest rest rest! no more exercizing for you missy!

Joanne said...

Lots of vitamin C, lots of liquid. Some echinacea, within reason. Lots of bed. Rest. No exercise. No knitting. Nothing but lackluster reading that you'll never remember. Hot showers.

I am still fighting off the mutated crud that the professor brought home, unless I got it from your blog. This is serious crud here. Uck. Feel better soon and good luck at TNNA!