Monday, December 25, 2006

Now With 100% More Spinning Content!

This is my current favorite wheel, my Jensen Tina II, shown here removed from her native environment due to the current cluttered state of my spinning corner. (Rather embarrassingly, right in our living room and the very first thing guests see.)
And here an inadvertent long-range project:
(kindly pretend not to notice that the yarn on the bobbin actually has dust)

This is some Sweet Grass Wool Targhee that I spun awhile back. The colorway is Grass Valley Green - sadly no longer available. I became aware of this fact shortly after beginning to spin this batch of top when I called to order more, having decided a bit too late that I really liked it. The only time I didn't completely overbuy! I believe the total amount was only 4 ounces.

I finished spinning the top and set the bobbin aside until I could decide what to ply it with. I considered and discarded various options. Time passed (okay, years actually). The bobbin became like my yarn mascot, a more-or-less permanent decoration on the spinning wheel.

At Madrona last year I saw some Chasing Rainbows Deyworks silk caps from Crown Mountain Farms and thought of my lonely unplied bobbin.

They seemed like a good match at the time...

But once I got back home I wasn’t as sure about it, so the bobbin of Targhee returned to yarn-in-waiting status.

Then at the The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR this past June I spotted some lovely top in chartreuse and olive tones by Chameleon Colorworks . (I didn’t even have my Tina with me this time but I had brought my trusty bobbin mascot, just in case.)

This new top seemed like a better match since it made the colors of the Sweet Grass Wool ‘pop’.
(note: the colors aren't exactly represented here. I tried getting a natural light photo but it's been so gray here that even outside in the daylight the flash was going off. This is as good as it gets until, say, April)

Here’s the superwash in progress.

I love the color! Though I did remember once I started spinning it that I’m not really wild about spinning superwash wool.

Rather inconveniently I have misplaced the label so I don’t have the colorway information or the original weight. I think it was around 8 oz.
The superwash fiber didn’t come with a label – I did find the receipt though and I bought 4 ounces.

I think that I am procrastinating a bit on finishing this project because I’m unsure about how I’ll like the finished yarn. I do have a history of not finishing projects when I suspect the end-result may disappoint.
I have to remind myself that finished not-quite-perfect yarn is better than unfinished ‘potentially perfect’ yarn. It’s just yarn for heaven’s sake and in the end, I can always spin some more!


melanie said...

I can't wait to see how this turns out. Both singles are gorgeous, but I really love the colours of the targhee bobbin.

Barb said...

Don't think of it as loosing a mascott. You will be gaining a skein of yarn, and later perhaps a beautiful garmet that can accompany you openly in public!

bzyknit said...

i can't wait to see how that will turn out! hope you had a great holiday, merry belated chrsitmas.

Kerry said...

That targhee is a piece of art. You might just want to replace the bobbin and leave this one as it is forever.

Do you know if there will be more Sweetgrass targhee at Madrona?

Angela said...

Oooooooooohhhhhh :)

June said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous colors all of them! You could always Navajo Ply too, but of course, then you end up with much less yardage, and what the heck to do with 150 yards??

Love that Tina II! She's a beauty!:)