Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spin to Knit Swap Pal Revealed

If you hadn’t guessed by the lack of posting here at Yin & Yarn, Casa del Chaos has definitely been living up to it’s name the last few weeks and I’m a bit behind with nearly everything; emails, blog posts, laundry, housework*, etc. you name it and it’s probably not getting done right now.

I mention that by way of explanation as to why I’m so remiss in posting a well-deserved thank you to my great Spin to Knit swap pal, Faun.

Faun gifted me with not one but two lovely skeins of her wonderfully soft handspun merino yarn in my final swap package! And as if that were not enough, she included one of the beautiful pendants that she makes, some of her art cards, fun fiber samples and some cute bunny picks.

I couldn’t really capture the pendant’s opal-like glow with my camera. This was the best close-up shot I could get, but as usual my marginal photography skills don’t do it justice.

I tried to get a better, natural light photo of the skeins, but the grey oyster-light of the PNW did not allow me to capture the true color. I think the color is more accurate in the flash photo above.

The Acolytes of the Handspun display their new treasures

You can see more of Faun’s creative work at her Etsy store.

Thank you so much, Faun for being such a terrific swap pal! I have never done a swap before and I had a lot of fun. I will do my best to come up with a project that is worthy of your handspun.

* I wouldn’t really mind as much about those last two if it weren’t for the fact that my place of paid employment is not yet clothing optional (nor do they look kindly upon those who might be tempted to roll into work in their jammies and slippers in lieu of real clothing) and that the amount of clutter around the house has reached critical mass. The only fiber I’ve contemplated in the last two weeks has been the frighteningly large dust bunnies rolling around the wood floors in the bedrooms like giant tumbling tumbleweeds.


Joanne said...

As long as the tumbleweeds don't get big enough to envelop you, you're probably ok. This is from someone who knows. :)

Hopefully everything will calm down soon!

marti said...

housework is optional isn't it?