Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Selbu Mittens: The Untold Story

What with my full-time employment at ACME Giant Government Bureaucracy Inc and running my little entrepreneurial venture evenings and weekends, there’s not much time to knit and I don’t finish too many knitting projects these days.

But when my friend Terri Shea announced that she needed test knitters for a book project she was working it sounded so interesting that I volunteered right away.

I’m so glad that I did because this was a really enjoyable project. The only hard part was not being able to show anyone my finished mittens!

Now that Terri’s book, Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition, has gone to press I am free to share the mittens that I knit for her:

Even harder to send away than the Spin to Knit skein!

I was really happy with how the mittens turned out and I can’t wait to make another pair for myself. After seeing the beautiful samples Angela and Vanessa knit for Terri, I have a feeling these won’t be the only pair that I’ll want to make from this book!

Thank you, Terri, for letting me be a part of your Selbu mitten project, it was great fun. You are a mitten maven! I hope you sell a million copies!

What? You’re still here?
You should go already and buy a book from Teri!

Such a nice girl! Such a nice book!


Jacqui said...


gorgeous indeed...

Maia said...

Oooooh, now I am really glad I preorsdered her book! Those mittens are great!

terri said...

Awe, thanks honey! Thanks for knitting them for me. Really, I don't think I could have done it without all the help I got.

Melanie said...

OMG, those are gorgeous! Is it April yet? Where's my book?

vanessa said...

i cannot WAIT to get the book in my hands!
love your mittens denise :-)

Teyani said...

what fabulous mittens!

Kris said...

Wow, nice mittens!

Naomi said...

Denise-those are awesome! I just ordered the book! I laughed when I read your profile - I too work in govt and I'm a systems developer! I also didn't know you were Unravelled! How cool is that?!! Take care! (Naomi from fair isle co-op)

Aaltje said...

beautiful mittens! Many many years ago I knitted them, but then my mother could help me to knit the thumb (give advice). I ordered the book last week and I.m looking forward to it.
My mum passed away july 1999, so I have to try the knitting wothout help!

Greetings from Holland, where it is winter now!