Monday, March 5, 2007

The Skein and I

My new and improved longer daily schedule has a 30 minute lunch break instead of my previous hour long lunch. Which is nice for getting home a bit earlier but not as handy for running lunch time errands since 30 minutes is only enough time to navigate out to my car in the cavernous underground garage, drive out, and get approximately halfway to any desired destination before needing to return and reverse the process in order to be back at my desk on time.

This inability to run errands at lunchtime during weekdays means that a skein finished mid-week would not be able to ship off to its new owner until Friday.

Now a more disciplined person would have boxed up the skein immediately. Primarily to be prepared to ship the skein first thing Friday morning, but also to avoid the established temptation of the skein.

I am not that person.

Instead the skein and I spent some time bonding preparing to say goodbye.

I decided that the first of March was International Take Your Skein to Work Day and so the skein took the brief commute with me to ACME Giant Government Bureaucracy Inc. to witness an exciting day in the life of a cubicle dweller.

The skein endures basks in the glow of the florescent cube lighting

The skein observes the daily email ritual

At lunch time the skein traveled down to visit my friends in graphic design who regularly are compelled to admire my purchases from fiber festivals and my spinning and knitting works-in-progress.

The Adoration of the Skein

All too soon our day ended and it was time for the trip home and our final goodbyes. Somehow I got the impression that the skein was taking it much better than I was and after our day together was definitely perhaps looking forward to its new, exciting life in New York.

(** Note to anyone concerned about workplace efficiency: No paid work hours were used in the making of these photos. )

Addendum to Sarah (from previous post comments): Sarah, I couldn't access your profile via blogger to leave you a reply comment. My main wheel (I have three total) is a Jensen Tina II and I adore it. You can find more detailed technical information here.


Barb said...

LOL! Your co-workers are great! I too bring my knitting/spinning to work and I am one of the pod people. Good thing you didn't name the skein. It's harder that way.

Melanie said...

Oh for heaven's sake now you've gone and done it! My skeins are all on strike. I wasn't enough that they all clamoured to be knit first, now they want to be taken to work too.

Joanne said...

Wow, is that the advantage of working in an office? You see other people and encourage them to make a fuss over your fiber? And, you can bring the fiber to work? Really? Hmm. Here and I thought it was a steady salary and colleagues other than dogs. I was so wrong!

Sheila E said...

Poor thing....letting go is SO hard! Just think how amazed her/it's new owner is going to be! I know that I would wonder how you ever managed to mail it off to me. It truly is a beauty!!

Kris said...

LOL, love the lunch time picture.

vanessa said...

you are stronger than i am, to let go of that gorgeous skein!

the last photo would make a great card :-)

marti said...

Parting is such sweet sorrow. I hope your skein enjoyed the work day and is full of adventures to tell at her new home. It is truly a piece of wonderful creativity.

Cathy said...

That last photo - what a scream! I agree with Vanessa - a great card! And with Joanne about the value of going out of the house to work. I hadn't realized it. Now to see what kinds of jobs are out there. I wonder if I could interview the other employees first? Who wants to have an inappropriate work enviornment?

Michelle said...

The skein is, indeed, enjoying it's new life in New York. It even had a visit to a textiles festival! Maybe I can convince my co-workers to pose with it...

Angela said...

I'm waiting with bated breath for Michelle's co-workers with skein shot. I loved this post!

I wish I were half as talented as you are.

Anonymous said...

Bwaha! O.k., this was a great and much needed laugh - thank you!! Gorgeous skein, btw. :-)