Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Wednesday of my discontent

I’m test-driving a new 4/10 work schedule for my job at ACME Giant Government Bureaucracy Inc. The reasoning was not that I needed to have increased amounts of fatigue in my work week, but rather that I need a weekday day free of paid employment responsibilities to devote to the new business that I am currently running in my non-spare evening and weekend hours.

My 3-point plan for transitioning to this new work paradigm involved the consumption of copious amounts of caffeine (as illustrated below):

  1. Get up at even earlier, ungodly hour;
  2. Prepare for work immediately on arising instead of lolling about in pajamas reading the paper over breakfast and wasting time on the internet while drinking coffee; and
  3. Drink copious amounts of caffeine in order fool body into thinking it is bursting with energy and ambition to be at work 2 hours earlier than usual.

Unfortunately this plan is not being fully implemented because we are out of coffee. Again. A fact for which I can only blame myself because I knew we were out of coffee yesterday. It was on my mental list of things to do, right there at #1 – pick up ground coffee at Starbucks. The embarrassing part is that I was even at Starbucks at lunch time yesterday. Getting a double-shot latte. Because I was tired. From having no coffee. ::sigh::

So the plan for today is to make a real list to remind myself to buy coffee. And if that doesn’t work, seeing ‘QWERTY’ across my face in the mirror this afternoon should certainly jog my memory.


Spinny Bunt said...

Yay! Another day off and an excuse to drink mass quantities of coffee. That sounds...well...2 hours earlier? Sounds mildly sucky. We'll all understnad when your emails just sorta trail off in a stream of meaningless letters due to your face hitting the keyboard.

Melanie said...

The QWERTY thing only works if your eyes are still open. Just sayin'. I hope your 4/10 works out.

Angela said...

Yikes, make sure to get coffee and say hello to Mr. CPA from all of us :)

kerry said...

Blame the maid.
Or blame the fact that you don't have one.