Monday, February 5, 2007

SuperWool Sunday

Preparations got underway early at Casa del Chaos for SuperWool Sunday celebrations.

A quick trip to Starbucks provided the caffeine-fueled ambition needed for the early morning trip to Costco for appropriate snackage supplies for the event. Some basic amount of housework was performed in order maintain the illusion that we are not complete slobs somewhat tidy (family members were coached in appropriate intervention techniques should a guest appear to be inadvertently opening a closet door on the way to the bathroom).

Toby (aka Spazzy McTerrierpants) did his part by barking wildly for several minutes after Holly and Miss O’s arrival just in case we hadn’t noticed that there were actually guests standing in our living room. (what did we ever do without him?)

We quickly got down to business with SuperWool Sunday activities.

First we all went through the Magic Stash Box** that came home with me from Madrona courtesy of Sam. Selections were made and re-stock contributions were added to the box.

After some snacks to keep up our energy, it was time for the knitting and spinning portion of the day.

Miss O swatched for her first sweater and received some tips from Mom in how to alter the pattern to fit her swatch in lieu of knitting a second swatch to meet the pattern’s gauge.

Sorry for the sucky picture - I really need to get a scanner for this kind of stuff

After the details were worked out, Miss O cast on for her first sweater.

Holly worked on Miss O’s birthday sweater for awhile (Bed & Breakfast Pullover, Interweave Knits Winter 2003, in Beaverslide Yarn) and then got to work spinning sock yarn from her Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks to Shoe spinning kit.

This is where the internet needs ‘Touch-O-Vision’. This Beaverslide Yarn really needs to be touched to be experienced! It’s absolutely glorious. And the colors have great depth too.

Oops! I forgot to take a picture of Holly's spinning until was starting to pack up her wheel!

And I worked on finishing my Brocade Wrap (Jamieson’s Shetland Knitting Book 2, page 94, in Elann Peruvian Highland Wool yarn)

not in Beaverslide yarn unfortunately

I am still undecided as to whether to keep knitting one or two more repeats to use up all the yarn or follow Miss O’s sage advice to just bind off and finish it at the end of this particular pattern repeat (each repeat is 24 rows). I’m thinking at this point it may be the latter. This project has been in progress for too long.

Only too soon the day was over. If only every Sunday could be SuperWool Sunday!

Hey, did you know there was some big football event today with a similar name? Eerie.

**The Magic Stash Box is a box of traveling yarn (or several boxes in this case) that moves among group members. When it arrives at your house you go through it and remove the treasures that you want and then add your unwanted treasure contributions back to the box before shipping it off to the next person on the list. It's great fun.


Melanie said...

We had SuperWool Sunday here too - I didn't know it was an international event! Your brocade wrap is very pretty. I'd like one of those to wrap up in.

marti said...

wwah! i wanted to have a superwool sunday. instead i had total chaos.

vanessa said...

whah, i want a superwool sunday! and a woolee winder.....

Joanne said...

Wow, I had Superfood Sunday. After I ate a huge fancy dinner, I had to lay down. However, if I hadn't eaten anywhere near that much, I might have loved a Superwool Sunday too. Sporting event? What sporting event?

Angela said...

Will you all come up for SuperWool Sunday at my place next year?

It looked like great fun and I wish I had played hooky and scooted down the coast.

kneek said...

I love Beaverslide! I've knit three sweaters for my family using it, and I still have several random skeins leftover in slate blue and grey. This is *the* softest wool in the world. I bought mine by *accident* on ebay, not realizing what I was getting; boy am I glad!

Love your blog. Your sense of humor really comes through in your writing. Wish I could have come to SuperWool Sunday; I was suckered into going to a terrible sports party with terrible food. I went because I thought I could get away with knitting quietly in a corner without anyone noticing.