Friday, February 23, 2007

Productive Procrastination

After some dedicated spinning while watching ER last night I finally saw this:

that's all folks!

Hooray! Maybe I’ll be able to get a package off to my swap pal in time after all.

I had way too many tasks on the ‘to do’ list to consider doing any spinning this morning.
So, of course, I sat right down in front of the wheel, because I rationalized that I would just be distracted all morning wondering what the yarn was going to look like if I didn't. Just a few minutes couldn't hurt right?

I spent a few minutes plying up the singles. And then a few more minutes. I had probably sat there about 20 minutes or so before realizing that I was totally procrastispinning* (or should that be procrastiplying?). ::sigh:: Time to get moving.

But I think my spinning and plying plan may have actually worked out this time. What do you think?

Excellent planning or plain dumb luck?
(Plying on my Little Gem II with the WooLee Winder)
I'll get a better picture when there's more yarn on the bobbin. It looks quite nice in person!

*Procrastispinning: The spinning one does when there are much more important tasks at hand that one should be completing instead. (see also "Procrastiknitting")


kerry said...

Yay! That looks great!

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Ohh that's what it is called! I do procrastispinning all the time!

Melanie said...

Oh yah, that's a winner. Excellent planning!

Sheepish Annie said...

Be it by planning or by luck, that is some mighty pretty yarn go got goin' on there!!! I just love the color.

I will be spending the remainder of my day looking for opportunities to use the word "procrastispinning" in a sentence.

Maia said...

The yarn looks fabulous! Consider it excellent planning. I can't wait to see more.

I know procrastispinning, procrastiplying, and procrastiknitting too well.

Kris said...

The yarn is gorgeous and I think I have just added to my vocabulary :).

kneek said...

How about adding procrastiblogging to the list. It is 1:42 am, and I should be sleeping, but instead I'm reinventing my blog. My husband sleepily muttered "I love your creativity" as I tried to slip out of bed without waking him at 11:30. Sometimes there is nothing to be done but give in!

I read on a blog a few days ago that a woman who works from home thinks of cleaning as a form of procrastination. I, too, work and create at home, so I'm going to start using that excuse when visiting babies cough up dog hair after chewing on the toy that fell on the floor.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I sometimes wonder if procrastisurfing should be banned...

But I really know I don't want to do something when even filling in tax forms looks more attractive!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

Angela said...

I want to see the finished skein!

I procrastiwork for other people. Sigh.