Thursday, February 22, 2007

I got your spinning right here...

Lots of spinning going on here at Casa del Chaos these days, unfortunately the majority of it does not involve fiber. We’ve got lots of plates spinning, brains spinning and spinning out of control but not nearly enough spinning at spinning wheels. I definitely have too much yin and not enough yarn these days!

I really need to finish my February skein for my swap pal. I have been working on it as much as possible but I’m running out of month faster than I’m running out of fiber left to spin.

Here it is, looking remarkably like the first bobbin, except thinner and shinier.

Chameleon Colorworks Merino/Tencel in Autumn
(colors not quite accurate due to flash)

I’ve been spinning this second bobbin at about 2-3 times as many WPI as the BFL in an attempt to make the finished skein look a bit more textured than my standard, plain DK-weight handspun yarns. We’ll see how that works out. I didn’t make a sample to test this imagined yarn perfection and my recent track record for envisioning the finished product based on the appearance of the singles is maybe not so great.

And someone here thinks I’m spending too much time at the spinning wheel and not enough time cuddling with a certain small terrier:

Toby works the "poor neglected terrier" angle


kerry said...

Heehee! I have almost the same picture of my dog today! Really, I didn't see yours first, I'm not copying you. I think the dogs are all starting to revolt, or maybe there was something on DogTV they saw while we were working?

Melanie said...

Poor Toby, he might as well have a cartoon bubble saying "Are you finished yet, huh? Is it my turn now?"

The merino/tencel is very pretty, and so is your wheel. And Toby too, of course.

Maia said...

Ooooh shiny and pretty! I think your yarn sounds great. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Merino-Tencel is wonderful stuff.

I spin in a big easy chair so I have a dog friendly lap (squished between me and the chair arm or on my leg). It makes it difficult to draft backwards to any great degree, but it is canine approved.

vanessa said...

i don't blame toby, i could stare at you beautiful tina II all day also!

Angela said...

mcspazzy pants!