Friday, September 14, 2007

Knitting + Narcotics = ???

If you answered “a quick trip to the frog pond” go to the head of the class!!

Right back to where I started...
'TINK'ing back is very meditative
and practically
just like knitting (especially in a medicated state)

I’ve been home recuperating from surgery. I had lots of ambitious plans to spend my recovery time knitting and catching up on all the email and blog reading that I’m so woefully behind on, but as usual actual life events did not follow my carefully pre-scheduled plans.

I felt pretty good Wednesday after coming home from the hospital, I just couldn’t manage to actually do anything. The same pain medications responsible for that general feeling of well-being also made it pretty much impossible to accomplish anything other than groggily watch TV* (and I think I’ve seen about as much HGTV, Flip this House, Project Runway, and Top Chef as I can stand for now).

I tried reading some email and knitting blogs but found that I was just sort of semi-dozing in a seated position in front of my computer monitor so it was back to the sofa for more couch potato action.

Sometime in the evening knitting seemed like a good idea (note to self: Stranded knitting? Charts? What was I thinking?). I think you can see where this was headed. After my little exercise in negative progress I put the knitting away for the evening and gave up on getting anything done.

Yesterday was better for the alertness factor and I did manage to do a few things but I was still much more tired than I anticipated, like when I sat down to rest my eyes ‘for just a minute’ and woke up three hours later. I had also decided that I didn’t need any pain medication yesterday and that went pretty well right up until about 3:00 pm when my body let me know in no uncertain terms that it was not really on board with my whole ‘ibuprofen only’ plan.

So, progress on the ‘to do’ list at this point? Ummm, not so much really.

We’ll see how today goes. I am feeling much better so far. So much so that I probably feel too guilty to sit on the sofa knitting with so many other things piling up and vying for my attention around here.

*I will admit that I'm pretty much a total light-weight when it comes to medication.


Jacqui said...

poor baby!

maybe this is the world's way of saying you need to actually take a break and take care of you instead of scurrying between job 1, job 2, son 1, son 2, blogging and so on.

go! sit on the couch. eat some cookie dough. maybe watch Niecy Nash Clean House.

didn't you hear me? i said GO already. :)

Melanie said...

Here's hoping you never get to be anything but a light-weight when it comes to medication. I hope you're feeling much better.

Cindy said...

Do take a break and allow your body to heal.
Knitting under the influence is dangerous. You could poke your eye out or something!

Sheepish Annie said...

Medications are nice. I almost look forward to my yearly dose of codeine-based medication for the coughing. I get to just sit back and reflect on the beauty of the world and how it all has that nice "shimmer" to it. Ahhhhh...

Sit back and enjoy it. You'll be stress-free and your body will have the time to heal. The knitting will be there when you get back. I'm glad that you made it through the surgery and that you are feeling well enough to at least try things without the meds. But don't rush it!

Kerry said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon! I know you're a tough one to keep down, but you must take care of yourself!

Maybe try knitting washcloths for a couple of days.

vanessa said...

gah, you poor baby! feel better missy!

Cathy said...

Take care of yourself! It's too easy to do too much.

Vicki said...

Hope you're feeling better by soon!

Joanne said...

Feel better! Just take your time on the knitting. Stranded knitting and drugs? Just say no. :)

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

I hope you are better quick! Really, how can you have too much Top Chef?

Nimbue said...

I had hernia surgery about 5 months ago. More than a week in bed was awful. Worse than that, I thought I could occupy myself while knitting in bed. Um, Percocet and knitting just don't mix.. let me tell ya. I wish I would have kept the attempted piece of work for posterity. LOL

Feel better soon and rest!