Monday, September 27, 2010

September Spinning

As a result of the rather late (and some would say 'non-existent') summer this year, canning season has been a bit extended and has dragged on through most of September. This is what my spinning time looks like lately:

Mmm, Spicy Garlic Dills! We will enjoy you.

I probably have a bit more to go in October when I eventually completely give up on the notion of having any ripened tomatoes and decide to try out all of the interesting looking green tomato recipes and canning ideas that my friends have so helpfully sent me. (11 tomato plants = a lot of green tomatoes)

So anyway, that extended intro is all by way of explanation as to why there really hasn't been much knitting or spinning going on here on the blog of late.

I have been sort of poking away at a second batch of Dicentra Designs Merino/Silk/Angora blend here and there between gardening and canning sessions.

Label Info

Singles spun for a 3-ply fingering weight

The color is actually much more attractive in real life - the photo was taken at night in rather challenged lighting conditions. I really must learn how to use my new Photoshop software so I can color correct my bad photos. Sorry about the sideways label. Blogger absolutely refused to load the picture (which, by the way is actually oriented correctly). I tried to outsmart the photo loader and rotate the photo 90 degrees but then, of course, it loaded it correctly. I give up.

This is some fiber that I bought at Black Sheep several years ago (I haven't been to that festival in at least 3 years so it's older than that). I'm hoping to have enough to make some stranded fingerless mitts in conjunction with the off-white angora blend that I spun for Tour de Fleece.

I have big plans to set aside time to finally learn how to use my new loom and also venture into learning how to sew for myself this winter, once the garden is finally put to bed for the season (ha ha, a little bad garden humor there for you!).


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

If you ask me, those pickled tomatoes and cukes are gonna be an AWESOME treat for you to nibble on once you are spinning through the dark of winter ;-)

Angela said...

Denise, I think you bought that the year we went to Black Sheep with Holly and we suffered terribly from the grass seed!