Thursday, August 12, 2010

Temporary Hiatus

Casa del Chaos has been busy living up to its name, I have been rather understandably distracted caring for Mr. CPA after his bladder cancer surgery, a subsequent post-surgical infection requiring IV antibiotics and hospitalization for possible heart attack (fortunately this turned out to be Pericarditis with Pericardial effusion and not a heart attack, for which we are both exceedingly grateful). Accordingly, things have been a wee bit too busy for blogging or gardening of late.

With all the waiting room, urgent care, ER and hospital time, I did manage to get some productive knitting in on the second Cedar Creek sock, that is right up until the time that I actually became too overwhelmed to even knit. (note to self: it might be good planning to always have a straightforward stockinette sock at the ready for times such as this!)

Let's just say that this was a week that I'd rather not repeat anytime soon.

Mr. CPA is home recuperating now and things look on track to be back to normal soon.


NessaKnits said...

My Dad had bladder cancer the year I got married in 1995. He is still kicking along quite nicely. Hope your husband recovers soon.

GOOGLE-PH said...

keep your faith deeper and stronger, God answers and hear our prayers

Cathy said...

Wooooeee...I am glad things are on track for you and Mr. CPA. I've been immersed in M's stuff and now wish I had made the time to read my fav. blogs.

I hear you on the "too overwhelmed to even knit."

Here's to a peaceful rest of the year... and take those lovely grandkids on a wagon train ride sometime (heh heh).