Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's that time of year again

Allegedly, it's Springtime here in the Pacific Northwest*, a time when a young man's thoughts turn to flights of fancy and a knitter casts aside recalcitrant sweaters in progress in order to muck around in the mud and rain, planting seeds and carefully tending the dream of fresh organic summer vegetables.

In a rather impressive triumph of hope over experience, I'm planning to keep up both blogs this summer. (What? Yes, I typed that with a straight face, why do you ask?)
However if things seem really quiet here at Yin and Yarn then click over to Suburban Sodbusters and look for me there. Who knows, maybe I can finally persuade Mr. CPA to actually write a blog post over there for a change...

*Mind you, that's strictly according to the calendar. Our contrary weather sure isn't going to let some know-it-all calendar boss it around so it's doing a pretty good impression of Winter right now. Because, you know, it can. So there.

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