Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The last crazy night

Yes, it's posted late - please pretend the date on this reads '12-11-07'. I made the mistake of sitting down last night and promptly fell asleep in the chair without posting as I'd intended.

Hey, Annie, I ate a latke just for you (or possibly ::cough, cough:: three).

Latkes + full-fat sour cream = perhaps an extra run this week

We had a minor issue in estimating how many potatoes would be required. This is post-latke production:

The results of asking one's offspring to 'grate some potatoes'
while one completes the scheduled evening exercise ritual.

Apparently my children thought I would be rounding up a few 20 or so extra people for dinner while I was out...


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, thank you for the latke consumption! I bought a couple potatoes for a little mini latke production should I lose all sense of myself. But I've been too tired to deal with the grating so I was spared the calories. Had I known you had so many, I probably would have been on the first plane out, though!

Angela said...

I LOVE latkes!

(oh wait, maybe you weren't surprised by that)

No running up here right now though so no latkes for me.

Joanne said...

Haha! You should have sent some of those potatoes over here. We had a ninth night of latkes because we never quite got it together for latkes during Hanukah itself. Glad you had fun with the holiday--even if the grated potatoes were a bit overzealous--!