Monday, November 19, 2007

YMCA Fitness Classes I'd Really Like to See

Just like the fitness room I use at the 'Y'
except without the super hi-tech equipment and the fancy view
(the frugal must find their fitness inspiration in unadorned drywall it seems...)

Knit to be Fit

Knit 2, Purl 2, Lose 10 (or more!)

By Hook or by Crook – Fast Fitness the Crochet Way!

Crochet those pounds away!

Sit! Spin! Thin!*

So, what classes would you like to see?

*handspinning that is - not that crazy exercise bike action


marti said...

you are a silly one aren't you! but that type of exercise class sums things up nicely.

kerry said...

I posted a bunch but for some reason they didn't come up.

How about:

Swimming in the Frog Pond
Cast on, Cast off the pounds!
Rowing in circles a.k.a. Slim Down Steeking
Needle to lose a Few?
Aran Till I was Outa Breath
Jumping Jackets, a 25 yr collection of pilates from IK
Sport Weights, in 50gr balls

I had a couple more, but they disappeared with the first comment...

Mrs. G. said...

Knit scarves while you eat brie and crackers.

I think this class would fill up speedy quick, don't you.

Sheepish Annie said...

Think Thin. Knit Bigger Sweaters.

Cardio Cat Chasing: finding a use for those felines who steal the yarn.

The Under-Sofa Stretch. You Can Find That Stitch Marker!

Knit Blog Surfing For Beginners. Note: wetsuit rentals not included in course fees.

Powerlifting Bulky Cotton On Size 17 Birch Needles

This is fun! I'll be doing this all day now...

Joanne said...

I have run out of funny brain cells for the day, but here's my idea for actual can rig up an exercise bike with a flyer and bobbin and peddle and spin! Some couple in Canada came up with the idea. I've always wanted one but am not handy enough to make it myself. It seems like a great way to lose poundage without actually giving up the fibery stuff. (or, you could read or knit on an exercise bike?)

I personally am allowing myself ot go to heck in a wool basket while working on my book. Complete with antibiotics..

spinningmom said...

I'm not allowed to knit and do the machines, waaaa
Miss you lots, I'm too late to register for Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat. I bumbed

ikkinlala said...

I have no creative ideas, but I'd sign up for those classes!